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“By 4th Quadrant, I’ll be Dr. iFani” Says iFani

iFani is one unique rapper who has managed to carve his own unique lane that nobody else is in. The rapper went from just being a Xhosa rapper to being all over the television screens which has everyone wondering what his going to do next.

iFani stun

iFani has several different projects and one of them involves making sure the less fortunate university students gets an education. iFani is very passionate about getting kids an education and he has already contributed R50 000 of his own cash towards the project.

iFani has an engineering degree and he plans on taking his education further. “As soon as I’m done with the 3rd Quadrant, im getting my PhD. By 4th Quadrant, I’ll be Dr. iFani. ” said iFani on Twitter.

Dr. iFani:

ifani 4th



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