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“I really like VAM, AKA and Buks but Tweezy hella nice” Says Tumi

SA Hip Hop is on a whole different level right now and is growing at lightning speed. The rappers are have stepped it up to a point where a lot of fans are now ok with just listening to SA Hip Hop unlike the olden days when Hip Hop from the US was preferred.

Tumi no

The producers have also stepped it up and are producing super dope beats that nobody can diss. Basically, the whole industry has stepped its game up, since we jumped into the mainstream nobody has been playing around.

Tumi was talking about his favorite producers right now and surprisingly the Supa Mega’s name was on the list. “Tweezy is the best hip hop producer right now. I really like VAM, AKA and Buks but Tweezy hella nice” the legend said.

Tweezy is the best hip hop producer:

tumi producers!



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