“Growing up I thought happiness would come in the form of money” says Riky Rick

Most of us grow up thinking money brings happiness. In 2016 Hip Hop is the most lucrative genre in South Africa and South African Hip Hop is basically African Hip Hop. This basically means that rappers are making more money than any other type of musician in SA.

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To get to this point it took so much hard work and dedication from the Hip Hop industry. Before the money comes people tend to think that money is everything when in reality it’s not. People with money generally seem happier which makes us envy them.

Riky Rick was under the same perception before he got rich. In a lengthy heartfelt¬†caption on Facebook¬†Riky explained how he thought happiness came with money and the finer things in life but it’s only now when he is realising otherwise:

“Growing up I thought happiness would come in the form of money, fancy clothes or cars. I thought maybe it would come through being accepted by my peers or being praised by people who have never met you. All those things are cool extras but they can be replaced when lost. If I lose all my money tomorrow I can find a way to earn it back. If I crash my car I can hustle to fix it. These are the things we want and seem to need but in reality they are just a reflection of whatever image we want the world to believe. As we grow up and experience real life we start to discover that true happiness comes through Love. Love for your friends. Love for your family. Love for your children. Love between two people can be difficult but when done right brings us the greatest joy. Love for life is important because unlike most things life can not be replaced. Lets cherish the moments that make us smile with the people we love. Lets treat them with dignity and respect. Things will not be easy but lets never give up easily. Family First. Always” – Riky Rick


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