Top 5 Nasty C Verses So Far

We picked out our Top 5 Nasty C verses of all time. Nasty C is only 19 years old but his pen game has been 29 for the longest time. The younger started rapping when he was 9 years old and he never stopped which explains why he is so damn good at this rap thing. Check out our list and tell us which ones are yours:

nasty cass

1. Juice Back Remix

I feel bad for being the one to school these niggas

When my friends are tryna get in a university

But still I made ’em fall like the fees did

Feeling like I’m talking to my daughters and nieces

One of my industry niggas called me this evening

Told me keep my head above the water and breathe in


2. Hell Naw

Dumbing down is a motherfuckn mission for me

I know a couple that could use a couple lyrics from me

I make all of my women mirror for me

And then I tell em would you please pick a pillow for me

Aaah nigga would you pleeese cry a river for me

Put a pistol to your head and pull the trigger for me

Tell me do you want a kidney or a liver from me?

If you hate me then why do you login to Twitter for me

3. Jump Verse 2

Oh all my people in the VIP

Pickjing tings from the other side

Be very careful with the shit,

I seen them sparse now Im traumatised

A little change ain’t never change I drink a little champ for the pain

4. Hallelujah v3

I swear the nights are gritty but the life is pretty, your wife Is with me and she get it

She got still big titties I got 60minutes, skeet-skeet, I did it and she [???] it

Man poppa told me “Don’t loose your cool, give niggas atleast 3 warnings”

So ..

(i) I’ma kill your ass

(ii) And I’ma kill your ass

(iii) And I’ma kill your ass, With these Jordans

5. Bars

So hard to find a nigga cause I hide behind the truth

They claim they leaders Abraham Lincoln now come as John Booth

But all they do is mislead us like Sarah Connor or science too

And Gerald Ford would tell a story if he was alive too

I’m feeling underestimated, I been on a hustle lately

But I’m in such a rush to make it I sprint on em escalators

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