“Music fans do not know what they want” Says Jabba

Jabba says music fans do not know what they want, the just get what you give them. HHP has been in the game for a very long time and Cassper Nyovest who happens to be one of the biggest artists in SA was put on by the Motswako legend.

"Music fans do not know what they want" Says Jabba

For several years running, Hip Hop Pantsula was the biggest rapper in South Africa and a lot of people don’t understand why Jabba is annoyed by the new rappers. The OGs are his peers so it doesn’t makes sense for someone he put on to disrespect them.

Jabba also opened up about how he has learnt about the fans and how they consume musical content. “21 years in the industry has taught me that…. music fans do NOT know what they want. They love what’s hot. Music Lovers GET what you give them” said Jabba.

Music Lovers GET what you give them:


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