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"Once again I got screwed by a groupie" - Tumi

“Once again I got screwed by a groupie” – Tumi

“Once again I got screwed by a groupie” says Tumi after losing his laguage. When you become a celebrity you start realising how the things you used to yearn for aren’t actually as cool as you thought they were before you got them.

Tumi list

The rapper has been in the game for over a decade now and his still getting more famous. “Once again I got screwed by a groupie. Not in the way you think. Dude was so starstruck at the check in counter he lost my luggage” the rapper explained.

Clearly, it’s pissing off when your fame starts making you lose your stuff.  “Hate it when fame does you in. You in a restaurant, waiter gets too familiar and the service is shit, now it’s awkward if you complain” said the OG.

Dude was so starstruck:

tumi mole

Hate it:

tumi molee



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