Micheal B Jordan Set To Be A Character In Career Mode For NBA 2K17

There’s no doubt that Michael B Jordan has won us over with his performance, playing Apollo Creed’s son.

2K announced today that the career mode will be all about friendship with the actor as he goes as Justice Young and  he will help your personalized character chase both your dreams in the newest release of the game.

Speaking about the opportunity Michael shares that he’s humbled to be a part of something so big, “I’m humbled at the opportunity to help influence a franchise that I’ve been a passionate fan of since its first release.”


The chemistry created between you and Justice Young allows you to both perform as a collective named “Orange Juice”

Senior producer Ben Bishop was quoted saying “When the two of you are locked in, you have the opportunity to utilize dual player controls for the first time ever in My Career, not only can you tell Justice to do things like cut to the basket, take a shot, or isolate, you can also switch over and control him entirely.”

This game will impress a lot of gaming fans as it is said to become “a more dynamic and ¬†interactive story line”

The game will drop on Sept 20th on major gaming systems such as, Xbox 1 and 360, PlayStation 3 and 4.

While we anxiously wait for the actual game to come out here are a few visuals to keep you busy…





After Game…




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