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K.O Opens Up About How He Feels About KiD X & Kwesta's Label

“I was before a whole lot of these niggas came” Says K.O

“I was before a whole lot of these niggas came” says K.O about pressure from fans. The rapper has been in the game for about a decade now but he finds himself being put under pressure to switch up his steez by the fans.


In 2016, we saw the Dust Gawd rapping a lot more in English and his style had kind of switched up but he sent some tweets explaining how he had decided to crack the international market without moving from his authentically South African way of making songs.

“If it ain’t broke don’t fix it. I’ve tried different things, trying to incorporate this that and the 3rd but it ain’t me dawg. Don’t put me under pressure to do whatever the f*ck. One thing you will notice is, when I’m doing shit for the sake of doing it, you will feel it so just give me the liberty to be me man. I can only be me. Don’t tell me what the next guy is doing. I don’t give a f*ck about that shit. I was before a whole lot of these niggas came on board and I’m still here while a lot of these niggas are doing their thing” said the legend.

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