Cultural And Fashion Evolution In Hip Hop

Since its emergence in the 1970s, the evolution of hip-hop has been a truly multifaceted phenomenon. Hip Hop has evolved so much since its inception, the underground urban movement known as “Hip Hop” began to develop in the South Bronx in New York City.


The art form of Hip Hop takes its expression from the streets, of being the defining symbol of popular culture worldwide. As if Nas knew, the world has become a smaller place, due to globalization in hip hop, we speak the same language, rock the same urban clothing, above all, we breath under one roof, and that’s the cultural of hip hop.

Many factors have contributed to the growth of Hip Hop popularity (and inevitable commodification), few are more noticeable than its evolving relationship with the world of fashion. From the baggy jeans to skinny jeans, from the streets to the corporate businesses, from the ghettos to the mansions in Beverly Hills. What was know as a distinctive expression of the culture surrounding the music has subsequently grown into something else entirely — a place where hip-hop artists are some of the biggest commercial influence’s in the world.

Hip hop is no longer limited to rap music and break-dancing, this days is a multi-million dollar business that even extend to fashion, sport, drinks and marketing strategy. Rocawear and Sean John validates that hip hop can not only be limited to music, it is a lifestyle, a way of living, and fastest growing urban culture which fosters identity. Back in the days if you were to notice a rapper, or a hip hop headz, it would be by attire. however, this days there is more to it since the hip hop cultural movement is evolving like crazy. The figure of four elements are currently commercialized, and globalized.

It wouldn’t be ideal for a rapper to head to a million dollar meeting jean’s baggin’ and saggin’, the likes of Jay and Diddy attest that hip hop is more that itself, more than the hood, mceing, rapping,  its a multi million dollar business. Hip Hop cultural movement allows us to express our point of views in a multifaceted forms, through fashion, music, poetry, dancing and design. we are strongly free at last to rock whatever, whenever, wherever, because throughout history Hip Hop has always voiced the voices of the voiceless in the societies.

The evolution of hip hop fashion is impeccable, it can not be denied that Hip Hop fashionist are the trendsetters. It is a lifestyle which comes with attitudes, behaviours and egos. Fashion, or clothes extend your personality for the whole world to see, and it is all due to Hip Hop. lets ”do it for Hip Hop”.

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