20th Century Hip Hop Generation

Here we decided to tackle and look at 20th century hip hop generation. The truest descendants of the greats; Jay Master J, Rakim, 2 Pac, Biggie, Nas etc. Hip Hop in a sense is a savior, seemingly all youth finds a warm lovely shelter under this movement. Hip-Hop inspires and motivates as an art form, with its ‘coming up from struggle. unquestionable serves as a catharsis for many since life throws lashes. Though this days we experience greener pastures without hurting our feet with rocky stones. With variety of social network, one cannot go wrong in terms of marketing strategies. Look at Soulja Boy, the dude became a household name just off YouTube!

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Bunch of musical software’s also compensate the culture in BIG way. Who could have though that ” Crank That ” was made on the demo version of Fruity Loops? This attest that you don’t need expensive studio to make a hit record, all you need your creativity, Catchy hook and, umm…, that’s all. This days being a rapper is an occupation, is what you do, and you get compensated at the end of the day. However, one may not like the direction of where we are heading musically, especially the core hearted MCs. Well, I guess every generation has its own ways of doing things, sometimes routine gets boring.

New cats such as Young Thug, Future, Travis Scott, brought something new and fresh to the culture, embracing the youth culture and moving it forward. Golden rule is to study the fans, audience members also tend to some sort exercise power over artist since our listening span is so short. Complexity and technicality tend to be too much, hence one will rather listen to Young Thug. Unfortunately, this is where the direction of hip hop music is going. MCs are respected, but they not homage enough to be taken care of, such as buying their music, buying the tickets etc. The truth is that, nowadays we just want simplicity. Without a doubt, this is 20th century hip hop generation.

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