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Download: Fifi Cooper – Power Of Gold

Fifi Cooper has just dropped a new single titled Power of Gold. Power of Gold is a song Fifi Cooper recorded whilst still at ambitious and her departure from Ambitious was a matching time to drop the single which basically reflects on financial issues she faced whilst at the label.

Download: Fifi Cooper - Power Of Gold

Download: Fifi Cooper – Power Of Gold

Memorable Lyrics [Get Full Lyriccs on Kasi Lyrics]

“Hao ka sheba chelete ke yone e re lwantshang
Di prostitue dia rekisa and end up being sick
Ba kgotosana
Makasana is no longer safe
Di Baby-mama after zaka then abuse kids
Di taxi driver dia thulana every single day
There’s people workin’ everyday ba sa thole niks”



Fifi Cooper- Power Of Gold Lyrics