Emtee Slams Critics In Twitter rant

Let’s just say, when it comes to Twitter….NO ONE is safe.  When it goes down, it goes down for real, chill is thrown out of the window. Emtee won’t let anyone get away with saying anything sick about him – and rightfully so.The “We Up” rapper took it to Twitter to remind everyone why he’s been the hottest male rapper in the game.

The rant began when the rapper tweeted “People set reminders jus so they can watch the Grammys, dick ride during the whole ceremony.”

After Emtee caught wind of the scene, he started tweeting more, saying with all that he’s accomplished, people always remember unrelated things instead of giving him appraisal for all that he has achieved.

He tweeted:

It was not long till twitter users started catching feelings too. So they started to attack the rapper:

Then Emtee took out the big guns. Talk about extreme dissing.

We Up!


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