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‘Black Coffee Is The Greatest DJ Alive,’ Says Diddy

We already know Diddy has a special place for our very own legend Black Coffee in his heart. His respect for the internationally acclaimed DJ keeps growing and it’s amazing to watch. ‘Black Coffee is the greatest DJ alive,’ Says Diddy.

'Black Coffee Is The Greatest DJ Alive,' Says Diddy

‘Black Coffee Is The Greatest DJ Alive,’ Says Diddy

Some of SA’s best DJs are currently in Miami for the Ultra Music Festival. DJ Black Coffee played a set at Diddy’s party and Diddy made a whole speech about how great Black Coffee is.

“Black Coffee, you have to be the greatest DJ alive! That’s the way I feel, I said what I had to say,’ Diddy told the crowd.

Your house, your roof. So you can do whatever you want right?

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The respect Diddy has for Black Coffee is inspiring, we wish we were part of this conversation.

Right now. At his home.

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