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Chance The Rapper Is Donating $1 Million To Chicago Public Schools

Chance The Rapper Is Donating $1 Million To Chicago Public Schools. The rapper met up with Bruce the Govenor on Friday to discuss state funding for Chicago public schools but they came out with different perspectives on the meeting.

“The kids are on the table now,” said the recent Grammy winner, referring to the school district’s budget crisis, who later added, “I’m here ’cause I just want people to do their jobs.” The rapper was not pleased because he felt like he got a bunch of vague answers.

Chance will be donating $1 million dollars to Chicago public schools, as well as donating $10,000 to different public schools in the city for every $100,000 he raises for his non-profit organization SocialWorks. The first of these $10,000 checks was given to Wescott Elementary, where the conference took place.



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