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Da Les, Yanga & Gemni Major's F2D Presents Hall Of Fame Number 1 On iTunes

Fresh 2 Def Productions Presents: Hall of Fame Album

It is a lit hit parade as Fresh 2 Def drops a joint album titled Hall of Fame today. The surprise release showcases artists under Fresh 2 Def and their partner labels Young Legend Music (owned by Yanga) and Rudebuoy Major (owned by Gemini Major).

Da Les, Yanga & Gemni Major's F2D Presents Hall Of Fame Number 1 On iTunes

Da Les, Yanga & Gemni Major’s F2D Presents Hall Of Fame Number 1 On iTunes

The music is a potpourri of sounds and influences reflective of the distinct brands that Da L.E.S, Gemini and Yanga have come to represent in the game.

The album features hit singles such as Wagwan by Gemini Major featuring Yanga; DJ D Double D’s One For The Team featuring Da L.E.S, Gemini Major & Yanga; Da L.E.S’s Saucing featuring Gemini Major, Yanga & Efelow plus many more new signees Stunt Double, who dances for Da L.E.S. and G Baby Da Silva, a producer, singer and rapper from Angola will feature in Hall of Fame. Hip-hop stars L-Tido, Maggz, Moozlie & Efelow have also recorded for this release.

A national tour featuring all the artists gets underway in less than a month to promote the album, which will be available on all digital platforms. Physical copies of F2D Presents: Hall of Fame will also be on sale at all major retailers.

Be sure to hear much more from all Fresh 2 Def Artists soon.

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