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Stilo Magolide Releases New Single Titled 'Sefolosha'

Stilo Magolide Releases New Single Titled ‘Sefolosha’

Ever since his emergence with the BoyznBucks s crew, Stilo Magolide has been a force to be reckoned with in the new era of South African Hip Hop with constant bangers on speakers around the country.

This year, yet again, he serves our appetites with a screamer called “Sefolosha”, one that carries intrigue because of its unique name and how it connects to the “grinding” prevalent in the song’s lyrics. The song is rich with elements of soul trap and a southern boom-bap that sees Stilo ride the beat with eloquence that only he can. While the featured guest, newcomer Truhitz belts out a performance of a seasoned “Hook Killer”.

Sefolosha is painted with the wit, voice, charisma and rap style that has given him an upper hand that many artists wish they possessed. The production of “Sefolosha” explores a cadence that compliments his bouncy flow, wordplay and distinctive lyricism. It is thought-provoking to think of the expressions of what his fans will discover when they know what the title of the song means to his journey as a rapper, entertainer and businessman.

Sefolosha shows a musician at the peak of his musical prowess, Stilo has an abundance of talent to share.  He is undoubtedly, one of the most versatile artists in South Africa and if the sound of this track is anything to go by, there are more bangers in his arsenal.



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