“I’ll Never Make A Song With My Biggest Competition,” Says Cassper

“I’ll Never Make A Song With My Biggest Competition,” Says Cassper. In one of his most candid interviews, Cassper honestly explains why he will not work with someone he doesn’t have a relationship with, even if they come from the same hood.

“I don’t work with people I don’t know. We have to actually know each other, have some sort of story about where we met, you know? I don’t just work with you just because you’re from Maftown,” he explained.

The ‘Thuto’ rapper compares making a song to making a child saying there has to be a relationship that allows the child (in this case the song) to be raised by both parents.

“So if I don’t see me and you being friends forever, I don’t wanna work with you because that would mean I’m gonna be a single parent at one point and I don’t wanna be a single parent,” Cassper says.

Cassper who has made some great collaborations in his career thus far is aware that working with the artist who is considered his biggest competitor might give birth to the biggest SA Hip Hop of all time but for him, it’s more about respecting his craft than it is about making history.

“That’s why I’ll never make a song with my biggest competition, no matter who he is, because I know that me and that guy will never get along forever. A lot of people would do it for the sake of money; like if I did a song with who is considered my biggest competition it’d probably be the biggest hip hop song of all time in this country. But I don’t care about that, I love music and I respect it.”

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