Dj Maphorisa Gets Dragged Over Fluency In English

Dj Maphorisa Gets Dragged Over Fluency In English! Dj Maphorisa has been getting a lot of tweets from fans over their fluency in English. Some fans were dissing Maphorisa whilst some of them defended him.

“How abt going back to school and finish ur grade 8,” tweeted one fan replying to Maphorisa’s tweet about his dreams. Another fan went on to tweet that “English grammy award goes to….LawdPorry????are u serious ryt now”. The fans that defended him called him an international artist to back how much the language does not matter.

Maphorisa was unfazed by the comments and actually joked about it. “So u have masters I guess ? English is not School u haven’t seen the world Bro u watch too much TV n Americans dats ur problem. ain’t mad all love still enjoy ur Valentines,” tweeted Dj Maphorisa.

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