PICS: The Behind The Scenes Of Riky Rick’s #BossZonke Music Video

If anyone has to win the award for the best concepts in his music video’s it has to be Riky Rick.

The song #BossZonke has to be one of Riky Rick’s best he has produced, he even had fans posting video’s on Instagram singing along to it it’s only about the right time to have the video come out.

Over the past weekend Riky Rick had the shooting of the #BossZonke music video take place in 3 cities. “3 cities 1 music video” BossZonke tweets and posts on Instagram.

Only staying true his personality and character Riky Rick involved his fans in the shooting of his video to make it just a little more genuine to himself and his music!

Riky posted some of the pics from the music video shoot on Instagram for us see the behind the scenes of the #BossZonke music video below:

It’s All Good In The Hood…

Boss zonke 1


Boss zonke 4

We See A Few Familiar Faces In The Corner…

Boss zonke 5

Let’s Hope He Knows How To Ride That Thing…

boss zonke 7

Riky Turn Around Please…

Boss zonke 6


Boss zonke 3

One Man Loved By Many…

Boss zonke 2


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