Avis Has Jacked AKA’s ‘Unlock The World’ Phrase

AKA has been very creative and innovative with the way he interacts with people. He has a very witty personality that can easily be misinterpreted as cocky. The rapper has set trends that nobody would have ever imagined would be trends in SA and Africa. He is popularly known as the Super Mega which is something we first heard on the Nigerian hit Doro.

AKA cover2


Last year he started saying that he was unlocked and used a lock  (🔓) .

Today we found out that Avis had jacked the culture and used it.

Avis Unlock The World:



Look at these culture vultures:



Brands and agencies have hi jacked terms that we’ve coined many times before:



They beeeen doing this type of shit:



I don’t know, we have to figure something out. Surely won’t be the last time:


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