New Release: Ginger Breadman – School Of the Hard Knocks

Ginger Breadman is going to be the biggest rapper in SA one day. This guy is a world class rapper without a doubt. Gingers new track is fire man, if you have been following his work you probably thought he would have a difficult time making a commercially appealing track because he is on point lyrically.

Ginger breadman

On this particular joint Ginger is still rapping for real but the track has a hella fresh flow that will resonate with the youth of today. School Of The Hard Knocks is a story about Ginger Breadman’s life and how he views the world today. ‘Fuck niggas never put in work, but they always tryna eat though/ Basic bitches flex on instagram unemployment is on fleak though/ Real niggas get their hustle up and break their niggas off a piece/ Boss bitches get their money up and keep their business out the streets/’

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