New Release: Kendrick Lamar – For Free Video

Kendrick counters the common notion that, “pussy cost money, but dick is free.“ A man has to spend a lot of money to get in a girl’s pants, but women don’t have to go through the same trouble for a man. As Pac says in “Niggaz Nature Remix”: Picture me pay for pussy when the dick’s for free.


This is also Kendrick sticking up to “the man.” He won’t give in to the temptations of success and confidently states how no one can take advantage of him. There’s no way he’ll be marginalized — or pimped.

This dick ain’t free
You lookin’ at me like it ain’t a receipt
Like I never made end’s meet, eatin’ your leftovers and raw meat
This dick ain’t free
Livin’ in captivity raised my cap salary
Celery, tellin’ me green is all I need
Evidently all I seen was spam and raw sardines
This dick ain’t free, I mean, baby
You really think we could make a baby named Mercedes
Without a Mercedes Benz and twenty four inch rims
Five percent tint, and air conditioning vents.

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