Boss Zonke AKA Riky Rick Makhado Representing In Trinomic R698 For #Represent698 #ForeverFaster Video

Boss Zonke has been about the fashion since day 1 so it comes as no surprise when we see the young stylish rapstar pushing brands as prestigious as Puma. Riky Rick is not afraid to try out new things when it comes to clothing, we even saw him rock head wraps at one point.

puma r

Puma has just launched a new advert where Riky is on stage performing Nafukwa rocking the Trinomic R698 sneakers. The sneakers are hella dope, we have seen Riky rocking them on several occasions. Riky Rick is representing the Trinomic R698 sneakers. Check out the advert and ell us what you think of the sneakers:


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