“As you you start your day I want to tell you a story about dreams” Says AKA

As we watch our creatives penetrate the global market and help change the global perspective of Africa. AKA went to watch the Daily Show and had a message for all the people with dreams out there. Check out what AKA has to say to you:

AKA Trevor pose

It was really cool seeing first hand how big of a deal he had become in the states(the guy has ads in the subway, on the top of cabs ? even!). It was a bit surreal watching it LIVE because I’ve been a big fan of the Daily Show for years(even now I watch it, see him as the host and have to keep reminding myself it’s not a show on Mnet or something). I’ve known him for a while and besides him being in a bit of a rush(he’s a busy guy now) … He still took the time to make sure I was well taken care of and made sure we linked up after the show …. Definitely one of the most inspiring experiences of my life. So cheers@trevornoah ? … All the best and God BLESS ? … Keep making us proud

As you you start your day I want to tell you a story about dreams:

AKA Trevor

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