Check Out Loyiso Gola’s Response To Cassper Nyovest’s Dust 2 Dust

The Cassper Nyovest vs AKA beef has been going on for over a year now and we thought it had climax when the gun came into the picture but that is not the case. The rappers are still going at it and it doesn’t look like it will end anytime soon.


Loyiso Gola is on of the many celebrities who have been caught in the cross fire of the battle. On Dust 2 Dust Cassper fires shots at Loyiso when he says, “That’s what matters to the boy I’m all about the dollar, Ain’t nothing funny like Loyiso Gola.” Loyiso being a comedian would obviously reply right? Check out what Loyiso had to say:

I made it in Cassper Nyovest’s diss track:


Yo Cassper Nyovest you are very emotional B:


Yo Cassper don’t wear skinny jeans again B. Your thighs be popping out B:


That’s the problem with you new school cats:


Yo Cassper you rapping off beat fam:


You Cassper wouldn’t survive an elimination on Vuzu Hustle rapping like that:


Yo Cassper stop talking about your Rolex SARS is watching fam:


Yo Cassper I don’t own a Rolex. I have a Casio thou. That shit fly:



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