“I think AKA should just take the “L” and move on!” Says Cassper Nyovest

Cassper Nyovest has been killing the game lately and feels like he won the beef with AKA after he released Dust 2 Dust. The rapper was chatting with Dotcom when he explained that he doesn’t have time for the AKA beef anymore and will not put anymore energy towards that.


“You might hear a nice subliminal here and there but the beef with AKA is done” said Cassper Nyovest. “ It will never go to that moment again where it’s the main focus or me putting out a record that focuses on one person because I have so much to talk about now, I got disadvantages of success that I gotta share with the kid’s to prepare them plus I’m tryna do 20 000 people, where am I gonna get the time? I think he should just take the “L” and move on!”

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