Rick Ross Sides With Lil Wayne In Birdman Beef

While promoting his upcoming album, Rick Ross visited the Breakfast Club and he spoke about Lil Waynes situation with Birdman. In regards to the ongoing feud between Birdman and Lil Wayne, Ross spoke in-depth on the matter. He revealed that although he once looked up to Birdman and what he had with Cash Money Records, he no longer has a relationship with him.

Rick Ross Mastermind Press photo 2014

The Maybach Music Group founder also added that he doesn’t respect what’s going on between the two. “I don’t have one with Birdman,” Rick Ross said when asked about his relationship with Baby. “If you read The Source magazine, you would see that right now—And really me just seeing what Wayne going through as an artist. Him being a boss. Me idolizing Birdman at a time. Me looking up to Lil Wayne. Wayne being the first artist to make so many feats. Not just as an artist, but an artist coming from the South. That’s something that I took personal. So, for me to see the way things are transpiring, I can’t respect that. And I don’t respect it…It’s a lot that transpired behind that that I don’t respect.”

Rozay was asked if he was dissing Drake on color money but he didn’t confirm if he was referring to Drake on the song, but did state that people will interpret it different ways. “I just released ‘Color Money’ and that record is what it is, you dig? It’s a lot of different people that’s gonna interpret it a lot of different ways,” he said. “And it is what it is. I mean, everybody who know Rozay know how I get down. And when I come, I come. So, I just say let’s see how it unfolds. We most definitely know how I came and what I do. I don’t play no games…Weezy my homie. I was just with Weezy the other night at the club. He was just on the remix with me. J. Prince, that’s my big homie. Anything else, take it how you want it.”

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