MTV Base Announce Their Hottest Newcomers 2016 Roundtable Panel

MTV Base has made such a huge difference on the local music scene not only because they play all the fresh music but because they compile some of the most interesting lists. What makes it even more interesting is the panel they get for their round tables. In 2014 and 2015 we saw some of the most interesting arguments about who they thought was the hottest MC in SA after Base aired the Hottest MC’s list.

mtv base pannel

In 2016 MTV realised it is important to acknowledge the work that has been put in by the new artists in the game. On Monday, MTV revealed a new panel and a new theme for their show; this time, the focus is on the new kids on the block. This year’s panel will consist of Arthur Mafokate, Radio DJs Mantsoe Pout and Mo Flava, legendary Amu, and Tinashe Venge.

emtee new single ft nasty c

2015 was an amazing year for music in general, we saw House music step its game up with new artists like the Durban Nyts who came through and took over the scene with their smash hit Shumaya. In Hip Hop artist like Emtee and Nasty C came in and released continental hits like it was nothing.

Who is on you Hottest Newcomers 2016?

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