Enter K.O’s #DingDongChallenge And Win A Date With Your Crush

We all know Mr Cashtime has been in the game for a minute now and the fact that he doesn’t flex much might have a lot of people fooled about the kind of money the legend has. K.O has decided to run a young competition in February and he is calling it the #DingDongChallenge which will run until the 14th of February!

K.O Suit

A His & Hers Goodie Bag for the winner and their partner is up for grabs. In each Goodie bag will be a copy of the Skhanda Republic album and some dope CashTime Life gear. “I’m also throwing in a Special Dinner for 2 at a key Restaurant for the winner” said Mr Cashtime.

The challenge is not only limited to those with girlfriends but even those who are simply crushing on someone are eligible for it. This sounds like the perfect opportunity to tell someone you are crushing on about your feelings in the most creative way by simply tagging them.

Hey family:

K.O competition


K.O competition1

Let me explain:

K.O competition2

His & Hers Goodie Bag:

K.O competition3

Skhanda Republic + Dope Cashtime Life Gear:

K.O competition4

Special Dinner:

K.O competition5

You ready:

K.O competition6

Rules pt.1:

K.O competition7

Pt. 2:

K.O competition8

Pt. 3:

K.O competition9

Sounds Pretty simple right:

K.O competition10

Please Note:

K.O competition11


K.O competition12

The same goes for those in a relationship:

K.O competition13

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