Riky Rick Next Video Will Be A Short Film And Its All For The Fans

Riky Rick was supposed to have released a brand new video for Sidlukotini. The rapper then decided to take his time with it because he wants to give his fans the best he can and he does not want the video looking like a GoPro but more of an artistic expression!

Ricardo Makhado

“In my life I’ve learnt that you will never be remembered if you are the same as everybody else. You need to strive to be as unique as possible. I made a promise to my fans that I would never dumb down the visuals on any of my projects. I promise to always raise my own level and hopefully inspire others to do the same,” Riky said in the announcement on Instagram recently.

“This next visual I present to you is not a music video. It’s a short film dedicated to my love of the visual arts and dedicated to the kids who will need to take over from where we will leave the game”  said Riky.”It’s a thank you to everyone who supported this album and helped us win the accolades we did. This short film is for you. Not for TV. For You,” he added.

You will never be remembered:

riky vid

I promise:

riky vid1

They see the vision:

riky vid2

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