Riky Rick Congratulates Stilo Magolide On His New Endorsement Deal

The Boyz’N’Bucks have been together from the begining to a point where the whole team in eating. It’s clear that Scoop Makhatini is eating, Boss Zonke as well if doing it big and now Stilo has jus got a new endorsement deal with Vans.

stilo vans

If you think back to the earlier hits, such as the Amantombazane Remix Video you will realise that the Boyzn have been doing this before it was act in Rikyually cool to be a rapper. The joy in Rikys words tell you how far the friendship goes.

Riky Rick was super excited about the good news to a point where he thought about how they used to dream about this, “Congratulations to @StiloMagolide_ on his new vans deal!!! These are the things we dreamt about!!! Props” said Riky Rick on Twitter.

Congrats to Stilo:

stilo congrats


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