“I love how beef in SA hip hop gets handled on beats” Says Tumi

Hip Hop has evolved in the dopest way. For the longest time SA hip Hop was more alive in the streets as compared to the media and this had us being ridiculed for what we loved. All this did not stop us from pushing on, the O.G’s stayed at it and because of their perseverance we are where we are today.


Back in the day, Hip-Hop was based on the lyrics because it was all about the love of it but today it’s less about what you are and more about how you are saying it. Backings are now a major element of rap today and obviously, most O.G’s do not relate to this.

T FromThe V loves the fact that the production coming out of SA Hip Hop today can compete globally. Tumi went on to and explained how he also loves the fact that beef in SA Hip Hop is handled on beats and not using violence.


tumi question

beef is handled on beats:


What do you love about #SANewRap?

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