JR Questions If SA Musicians Are Scared To Go Outside Our Musical Comfort Zone

JR doesn’t understand why SA musicians are scared to go outside their musical comfort zone for survival reasons. JR has been in the game for a hot minute now and has been giving us some of the best hits the game has ever seen. With three albums under his belt, JR is looking to take the game to the next level because he is ever pushing the boundaries.

jr swank

The Feel Good Music boss has been on the low working on his fourth studio album and all you can do is wonder what to expect. The rapper was recently questioning why artists are afraid to go out of their musical comfort.

“Can we make other genres that can hit home for the millennial listener besides hip hop?” asked the Feel Good Music boss. “Are we as artists scared to go outside our musical comfort zone for survival reasons? “We might lose those club bookings” JR said.

Can we?:

jr afrika

are we afraid for survival reasons:

jr afrika1

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