Nasty C Talks About What’s Going On With Roc Nation

Everyone wants to know what’s going on between Nasty C and Roc Nation. Nasty C is one of the fastest growing artists in Africa and the homie seems to be drawing international investors. The 19-year-old announced that he got a call from Roc Nation and they wanted to set up a meeting.

nasty ex

“Roc Nation International gave Roc Nation Africa the instruction to get my number to link me to them. So I got the Roc Nation Africa call from Zimbabwe and they were asking if I was o.k with getting the number” the Jiggy Jigga explained.

“I then got the call from Behive, Jay-Z’s cousin. So we spoke and he said they like the work that I’m doing so they said they will come down so we can have a meeting” he said. We can’t to see how this plays out for the homie.

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