“I’m EXTREMELY happy” Says Nasty C About His New Deal

Nasty C says he is extremely happy about his new deal with Mabala Noise. Cizzle has been whipping in that work for a while and several labels have been approaching the kid trying to sign him but for the longest time homie wanted to stay indie.

"I'm EXTREMELY happy" Says Nasty C About His New Deal
“I’m EXTREMELY happy” Says Nasty C About His New Deal

The bad haired Durbanite was recently announced as one of the artists that were recently singed to Mabala Noise Entertainment. This came as a shock to the fans because homie had announced that he got a call from Roc Nation and they were going to set up a meeting with him.

“Positive minded, focused, well driven, quiet people don’t need to ‘speak more’ .. Some of the loud mouths just need to know when to hush up” said Nasty after social media started questioning his move. “Yes, this one is different. It IS better than suchnsuch. Plenty of sit downs were had. Da papers shoulda been made outta candy if u ask me”  the rapper explained. “Don’t question businessmen.”

Positive minded:

positive hush

It IS better than suchnsuch:


Don’t question:

dont nas

I’m EXTREMELY happy:

extremely happy

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