Jay Z Shares “Songs For Survival” Playlist

Earlier today, Jay Z shared an exclusive playlist on Tidal called “Songs For Survival.” The rapper seems to have made a whole project because of the social injustice in the United States Of America.

jay z social injustice

The playlist features songs from Kendrick Lamar, Nina Simone, Fela Kuti, Marvin Gaye, Kanye West, Beyoncé, Outkast, Curtis Mayfield, Gil Scott-Heron, Goodie Mob, and many more.

The playlist’s artwork is a black and white picture of Malcolm X and Martin Luther King Jr. shaking hands, and the music found within deals with contemporary issues of “social injustice,” according to a press release. Listen to the playlist on Tidal, and find a stream below. On Friday, Jay Z released “spiritual,” a track dedicated to the recent victims of police violence.

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