Wives and Ex Wives Of SA Rappers

We have compiled a Wives and Ex Wives of SA Rappers because there is a prejudice against rap artist when it comes to committing but it’s clear SA Hip Hop. Apparently rappers are not into the whole getting married thing but it seems to be a whole different narrative with South African rappers so we decided to compile a list of Wives and Ex Wives of SA Rappers:

1. Proverb 

Idols, here I come. Entertainer Tebogo ìProVerbî Thekisho is thrilled to be the first black presenter of hit reality show Idols. His lovely wife, Onalerona, couldnít be prouder. Feature text available. (Photo by Gallo Images/Drum/Natalie Payne)

2. Shuga Smaxx

sugar wife

3. HHP

hhp wife

4. Tumi

tumi molekane wife

5. Reason

reason wife

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