Zuma Dab’s On His Opposition

Zuma dabbed on his opposition last night at the ANC victory countdown in Johannesburg. The President is a grown ass man and him dabbing infront of the nation can only be acknowledge as a testament to how powerful SA Hip Hop has become in the country. Yes, your president dabbed on his opposition!!!

Zuma Dab

Zuma was speeking at the ANC victory countdown in Johannesburg last night where he was calling out the opposition parties. Jay-Z called the IFP a formerly violent party, he alsosaid the EFF is an angry party and the COPE and the UDM are shrinking parties.

After he was done addressing his opposition, Jacob Zuma decided to pull the dab on them because he knew he had just slayed his speech. Check out how some social media reacted after the new made it’s way to the timeline:



I’m Zuma with the dab:

zuma with the dab

Even Zuma hit the dab:

even zuma

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