New Release: Ma-E – Hlasela Video

Ma-E has a new release titled Hlasela and the video is just too much. Ghanda Ghanda has been in the game for a very long time and the experience he has in the this is very visible. The big hommie’s pen game is out of this world and very few rappers can compete.

New Release: Ma-E - Hlasela Video
New Release: Ma-E – Hlasela Video

This piece is Maeezedoesit’s best work so far in my opinion. His record with AKA is one of the best songs to come out this year but the story telling and the way they told the story was jus exceptional. Everything about this product is just dope.

This record has a very captivating story, impeccable flow with such originality and taste! The beat was nice but Ma-E out shined it which is awesome! Clearly the King Pin is well rounded with hs melody but unlike most he has not forsaken his lyricism which is totally awesome.

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