Patty Monroe Jets Off To Kenya For Her East African Tour

Patty Monroe jets off to Kenya for her East African tour. Slaying the game and being a cut above the rest on the South African music scene was not enough for this Hip Hop Queen. Patty Monroe followed the love she has been receiving  all the way to Nairobi for an epic media blitz which has seen her dominate the Kenyan television and  radio airwaves over the last 2 weeks. The likes of Kiss TV, Kiss FM, ChurchHillShowKenya, OneFMKE and HomeBoyzRadio to name a few had the rapper on their shows with some never wanting her to leave!

patty mon

So big is her personality that Miss Patty Monroe has been invited to perform at a club showcase alongside the legendary Congolese artist Fally Ipupa tomorrow, Saturday 30 July for a once in a lifetime performance with this  sensational Original singer. On the 5th August she jets off to Uganda for a performance with the esteemed Bebe Cool as part of his ‘Life of Bebe Cool’ concert.

Patty Monroe’s music has been embraced by the rest of Africa in a big way. So much so that the demand for her to tour the rest of Eastern Africa could no longer be put on the back burner and had to be satisfied.

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