New Release: iFani – Relax And Manifest

iFani’s new release is titled “Relax And Relax” and the quality of the rhymes is just upper life. The rapper had disappeared off the scene for a while because all the singles he was releasing from his first day gold album weren’t just popping off.

New Release: iFani - Relax And Manifest
New Release: iFani – Relax And Manifest

The rapper is in a much better place now and he has totally switched up his whole image to a more classy man. iFani does not really care about how successful he is at this point of his life, he cares more about being happy and his music is very reflective of his head space.

On his new record, iFani confronts his beef with the Supa Mega sometime last year. iFani going Gold on the first day is what triggered the beef because AKA was not buying the fact that he sold 20 000 copies before the album dropped.

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