Old School VS New School Hip Hop

The revolutionary transformation of hip hop led to the development of ‘old school’ and ‘new school’, which  inspired by different motivations. Though both schools are more alike than they share differences. New school music display simplicity- ready radio friendly, while old school is raw, complex and gritty.


Hip hop music unlike other musical genres, provides ranges of taste within this one big apple. Most rappers this days takes on the commercial route as it is believed one can stack heavy checks ‘’ all way up’’.  Hip hop is becoming more diverse and there are a wider range of artists. There is a room for everyone in hip hop right now. The likes of Kendrick and chance who merges the new school with the old school to bring something fresh in the game, are to be reckoned.

New school and old school music contemplates similar characteristics in a way. Back then it was all about who can manipulate and takes the audience to Disney world by mere raps! Rakim, Nas, Eminem, canibus and many more took many to memory lanes by painting pictures with words, colourful rhymes and stories that will make ya repeat the record over and over again! Distinctions are minimal, the likes of Kendrick, J cole and chance are raw and real, and has capability of storytelling so much like the back in the day catz.

Though this days rappers are measured for what they got, not what managed them to get them where they are. Old school cats cherished art, it seems like they did for hip hop, for the love of art. Though some of the old catz were actors, portraying the extension of their persona. Most importantly, back in the day old masters stressed social issues inflicting their communities. Pac paid homage to the unborn childs, women to keep their heads up and to other crippling social illnesses in our communities.

Rap music was taken to the higher grades. Conversely, production also plays a significant role in a hip hop world. A soulful or jazzy production may depict a rappers as going for the classical route while his content may be new school to the current scholars. There is every music to gratify any particular needs, if one feels high, Future and designer are the ingredients. Old school or new school, it doesn’t matter, as long as at the end of the day your needs are gratified.

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