Rapper 50 Cent Hints At Music Retirement

Rapper 50 Cent Hints At Music Retirement from music following the release of his much-delayed album Street King Immortal. The album was supposed to hit stores in 2011, but it has yet to be released. The In Da Club star is keen to finish the project, but reveals he has no plans to start work on a follow-up after it’s done. “You know how some artists got to have confirmation that they’re right?” he asks “I have that confirmation in f**king 35, 40 million (albums) that I already sold.”

The 41-year-old also explains he sometimes tires of playing some of his older music during his shows.

“I think every (artist) gets tired of it, creatively,” he continues. “There is a point when a new idea is exciting. (But) when your first impression is the largest-selling hip-hop album, then people want to hear that music. It’s the right balance and combination – the new song or energy is what I want to perform at that point. I’ll do that and blend in the hits.”

If the rapper steps away from music, he will be able to focus on his hit show Power and his other acting work. The series is the highest-rated original show on America’s Starz network, but 50 Cent, who also serves as an executive producer, is upset it has not been nominated for any awards.

“I’m only interested in the numbers because the numbers are my trophy,” he says. “It’s the highest-rated original series, and it’s still invisible. It hasn’t even been nominated (for an Emmy). It’s the way my career has gone. I had the largest-selling debut album and I got no Best New Artist (Grammy) trophy (either).”

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