Top 5 SA Hip Hop Songs Jan 2017 At The Moment Based On Radio Spins!

According to record spins on SA radio stations, here are the  top 5 SA Hip Hop Song At The Moment! The list has some of your favorite songs like The World is yours, Mayo and Vura. The list features artists like AKA , Dj Speedsta, Kwesta, Da LES and Dj CitiLyts! The list is based on spins across all SA radio stations!

Top 5 SA Hip Hop Songs Jan 2017 At The Moment Based On Radio Spins!
Top 5 SA Hip Hop Songs Jan 2017 At The Moment Based On Radio Spins!

Listen to the SA Hip Hop songs that are charting at the moment

1. AKA – The world is yours


“Always knew you’d be on top again
Supa Mega he on top again
These niggas pulling out weapons
Tryna take shots at Mega
Tell me what you know about pressure
You too busy worried ’bout blessers
Smoking that Shoprite Checkers
My impact is something you can’t measure
Who went plat without a vernac record?
Let’s talk facts and give me some damn credit”

Get Full AKA – The world is yours Lyrics

2. Dj Speedsta – Mayo


“Made it on set, man I don’t rest
Know some rappers that can’t pay their rent this month
So I don’t trip when they don’t pay respect
You came to fuck me, cannot ignore me
I’ve been goal keeping my dreams
Now these labels tryna score me
Now who you ride to, now who you cry to
If I ain’t work for no record labels
I’d prolly try sign myself too”

Get Full Dj Speedsta – Mayo Lyrics

3. Kwesta – Mayibabo


“Phuma mabodhlela, bagqwala nge style ntwana
Four four, poroza the nectar
Vodka tequila ntwana relax
And order the magnum
Baphiwa and Jager, tipping the waiter
Siyasebenza mfana k’khal’ ifosholo
Senza k’phela baba as’sabi vokol
Sa gazata wena ubhamb’ ishukela
Ungazos’qala wena ngcono ubulele”

Get Full Kwesta Mayibabo Lyrics

4. Da LES – Lifestyle


“Ragga, ragga went viral
Money, money dem pile up
Looking fresher dan my idol
Lifestyle on the high now”

Get Da Les Lifestyle Lyrics

5. Dj CitiLyts – Vura


“Passenger seat k’hleli, Occupied
Ng’pheth’ umntwan’ o Yellow
Passenger seat k’hleli, Occupied
Ng’pheth’ umntwan’ o Yellow”

Get Dj CitiLyts – Vura Lyrics

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