6 Shocking Revelations From A-Reece’s Loyal ( Ambitiouz Diss Track)

It’s been a war between Ambitiouz Entertainment and it’s former artists who left Fifi Cooper, A -Reece and B3nchMarQ. A -Reece just released a new song titled “Loyal” which is a diss track to the record label. 6 shocking revelations from A-Reece’s Loyal ( Ambitiouz Diss Track).

10 Shocking Revelations From A-Reece's Loyal ( Ambitiouz Diss Track)

1. The artists don’t keep their Awards. “Where the fuck do our awards stay at?”, A -Reece raps.

2. Apparently Amanda Black has never seen her plaque. “How come Amanda Black aint even seen her plaque?”, raps A -Reece.

3. The Record Label’s PR team bought cars before artists. “PR buying cars before the artist”, A -Reece claims.

4. Artists get a salary of less than R20,000 a month. “Getting monthly pay of less than 20k”.

5. People getting paid to hate the artists who left. “It don’t matter how many people you paid to hate us”

6. “Why the fuck you pulling B3nchmarQ back?”, A -Reece raps.

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