K.O Opens Up About When He Plans To Drop His Sophomore Album

K.O has finally opened up about when he plans to release His next album. The rapper has been ia solo artist for about four years now but is only releasing his follow-up to his platinum-selling debut later on this year.

The Skhanda Gawd has been able to stay relevant through the singles from Skhanda Republic and the singles he released last year. K.O planned on releasing his sophomore album last year but he had to hold the album back because the fans felt as though he wasn’t giving his label mates the opportunity to shine.

Unfortunately, both Maggz and KiD X left Cashtime after he had held back his sophomore album for them. We have been impatiently waiting for the Dust Gawds follow up and he has announced that we should expect it in the third quarter of the year. He also plans on releasing a new single soon!

3rd quarter:


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