AKA Finally Speaks On Vth Season’s Attack On Prince Costinyo

AKA Finally Speaks On Vth Season’s Attack On Prince Costinyo! Compared previous years AKA has been a very well behaved individual but this has to be one of the most controversial stories that have come out but it’s about his manager this time.

The Vth Season exposed emails that were “hateful, injurious and xenophobic,” and they were aimed at Prince Nyembe (Costinyo). AKA feels Vth Seasons attacks are happening because they are cash strapped but the fact that Xenophobic statements were made still stands!

“It is important for people to know all sides of the story. The company is out of money. The emails were sent when I was in the process of leaving the company because funds were being mismanaged. Everybody can see that I am better off now than when I was at Vth Season. For me, the timing is questionable. When Vth Season is strapped for cash, they want to bring it to light. I don’t understand,” said AKA.

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