A-Reece Details How They Beat A Guy Up For Slapping A Girl

A-Reece Details How They Beat A Guy Up For Slapping A Girl! The rapper has been on his grind for a minute so his celebrity has reached a level where it attracts women and this is not always a great thing because of the situations he might find himself in!

The rapper found himself beating up a guy for slapping a girl because she wanted to go home with the Wrecking Crew! “Hatfield Shisanyama is where it happend last night.The young girl was treated badly because she wanted to leave with us in the whips bruh wtf & she’s nt even the girlfriend the 18 yr girl’s friend is” said A-Reece.

The rapper posted a short clip of the guy dragging the girl! “It only popped off until he decided to dreadfully pull the girl out the whip coz she didn’t wanna get out and tag along with him and his “girlfriend”.This explains how it got to him dragging her all over the damn ground.Yeah we FUCKED HIM UP ! some’n the dirty police wouldn’t do” he explained.

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