Why does South Africa love Black Friday so much?

The idea of Black Friday and the following weekend comes back like a boomerang every year. The question is always the same: what is it about this holiday that people love and why do they rush to the stores in search of great deals? What makes it so unique?

Back in the day, people used to shop for essentials, things which we indispensable and they would not be able to spend money on other products. It changed over the years, and with the rise in internet shopping, consumers are more aware of their rights and saving opportunities. The current trend is that a statistical shopper isn’t necessarily loyal to one place but instead is willing to abandon the shopping cart if there is not promotional offer available.

A broader perspective

Wealth, shopping and its effect on the society is also a well-known subject of pop culture and hip-hop music. Songs by musicians such as Macklemore, Juicy J, and Nicki Minaj show that there is a strong reference to the behavior of the society and its effect on the economy. Black Friday, which in many countries observes a much higher turnover than any other time of year and is an unofficial start of the Christmas shopping period, is an example of the social change that has come.

What exactly has the economy to do with the shopping behavior and crowds of people shopping on one particular day? On the one hand, people can save money for their future, and on the other, small businesses can advertise their products and services to a broader target group. With a bigger turnover, the taxes paid by store owners are much higher, which means, the local economy gets a much-needed boost.

Black Friday Specials

Making the best of that day means shopping with minimum effort. It’s no longer in good taste to spend everything we have on things we need but rather to become internet-savvy sometime before the actual holiday comes. How exactly to do that? Take the time in November to check your favorite stores and see what you’re interested in. When you find these items, save the links and wait for Black Friday. When you’re prepared, you will spend much less time looking for fantastic products, and you’ll be able to get them all.

The trick is to be able to shop for those items cheaper. To do that, all that needs to be done is visit a coupon code website such as and find a brand you’re most interested in. On that particular day, and a few after, all the best deals will be available under one roof which makes things much more convenient and effortless for the consumer.

When is Black Friday in South Africa in 2017 celebrated?

The date of Black Friday in South Africa falls on 24th of November. The date comes from the American holiday of Thanksgiving which takes place on the last Thursday of November. After this day, the stores give consumers all over the world an opportunity to shop for all sorts of products for much less. Traditionally, Black Friday was dedicated to people going to the stores personally and nowadays, both Friday and the following Monday, known as Cyber Monday, is all about internet shopping. With coupons and discount codes found online, you can spend the entire weekend in the comfort of your own home and still get the best picks.

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