20 Things You Don’t Know About Young M.A

Young M.A is one of the doppest rappers at the moment and it’s no doubt she is also constantly trending and making moves! Check out these 20 Things You Don’t Know About Young M.A

20 Things You Don’t Know About Young M.A

1. Young M.A was born on 1992 was born in Brooklyn, New York City, New York

2. Young M.A is a lesbian, a topic she includes in her music.

3. She began rapping at age nine.

4. Young M.A lived in Virginia for nine years, although never staying in one place for long, moving to several cities while in the south.

5. At age 16 she moved back to Brooklyn.

6. Young M.A began her career as an independent artist, self-funding recording time with local producers by working at Shake Shack and T.J. Maxx.

7. She gained notice in 2014 when a Facebook post criticizing her song “Brooklyn Chiraq” went viral. The post’s author, pundit Boyce Watkins, said the song promoted “violent, negative, genocidal energy”, but the controversy expanded Young M.A’s name recognition and brought new listeners to her work.

8. She told Vogue that coming out had been an important point in her artistic development, saying “I held in being sexually attracted to women for so long that once I got that out of me, the music became easy.

9. In a 2016 interview with Rolling Stone, Young M.A said she’d been offered the role of Freda Gatz on Empire, but turned it down, preferring to pursue her own career as a rapper instead of being known first as a fictional character.

10. The Fader recently named Young M.A a top artist to watch in 2016.

11. Young M.A first stormed onto the music scene with what’s now over 5.9 million YouTube, and 57M+ Facebook views on her “Brooklyn Chiraq Freestyle” video.

12. Young M.A released her ’SleepWalkin’ project in late 2015, as a free download on Datpiff. ’SleepWalkin’ has been viewed over 342K times, with over 152,000 streams at Datpiff.

13. Young M.A cites 50 Cent as one of her influences of all time.

14. Young M.A realized she was gay at a young age.

15. She had her first tattoo in memory of her brother.

16. Young M.A played football growing up.

17. Young M.A is an independent artist.

18. Young M.A initially used to be more feminine because of industry expectations.

19. Young M.A’s old brother was stabbed to death.

20. Young M.A’s cites her brother was her biggest life influence.

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